It seems Below Zero won't feature VR

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to my shame, I only came on to the board because I got a little triggered by the steam forum and the following statement from one of the devs.

Sadly we don't think we'll be able to do VR justice. Not because we don't love VR (we do) or all own multiple headsets (we do)....We wanted to do a better job with SN1 but time and availability of people was difficult. We just don't want people having a bad experience in VR for Below Zero, so we're likely not doing it unless we can find the time. Making the game itself is the top priority."

I just want to carry this over here, because it seems, here no one has caught on to this yet? I wrote some suggestions on the steam forum but this very thread just turned toxic the moment this message hit. So I hope this forum stays civil and focuses on problem solving. :smile:

So my question was (both to devs and community) why not make a VR mode DLC? I can see that there is not much monetary gain with VR as a feature. But to me the question is, couldn't we change this by buying into VR? If this would be implemented with a crowdfunding sort of model it could also prove its viability in advance. My pledge/offer would be 200€! I don't know about you but I really want see this happen and I like UnknownWorld enough so the money would seem good invested to me even though it would way overshoot the price of one copy. Since I saw the pimax Kickstarter campaign that gathered about 4.000.000,- € I think there is a very good chance for a subnautica campaign. This game is really famous for it's VR mode and below zero from the screenshots, looks even a lot more gorgeous. These graphics in VR would blow me away!

Please tell me what you think


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