Fell through my cyclops then appeared above it continuously falling.

WaterBatmanWaterBatman UK Join Date: 2019-01-11 Member: 248543Members
So let me try and explain this. I was standing in the 'driving seat' area of my Cyclops. I had it parked outside my base at Tree Cove in the Lost River. I had just eaten some food and saved my game. Next thing I know I fall through the floor of my cyclops and into the lake below. When I hit the lake I then appear above my cyclops and begin falling again, right down through my cyclops into the lake again, then back above my cyclops again and it continues, in this vertical path over and over.

I noticed that I was taking damage during all of this, so I starting mashing my direction keys and managed to break free from the falling, and then entered my cyclops again.

This was my first time bringing my cyclops down to the lost river. I hope there isn't more of this kind of thing in store for me.


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