[Bug] Texture, material or shader z-fighting bug in Cyclops on macOS [61855]

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I bought Subnautica on Steam a while ago and now I also tried the (newer) version from the Epic store, but I'm seeing a lot of very distracting z-fighting from a material inside and outside of the Cyclops and on some other ship wrecks that I suspect use the same material, but most noticeably inside of the Cyclops. See Youtube video. I also recorded the system info screen from the troubleshooting menu screen at the end of the video and I also included the player.log file.
I hope you guys can fix this because everything else about Subnautica is beautiful and I love playing it on my Mac with external Vega56 GPU!
Maybe it's a problem with OpenGL/OpenCL not being supported by Apple anymore because they switched to Metal?.. Might be necessary to switch from OpenGL to the Metal API for the MacOS build in Unity?.. Just guessing because I also had some problems with that with Blender and Unity..



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