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  • tyrannosaurustomtyrannosaurustom Join Date: 2019-01-26 Member: 249428Members
    No it's all PDA's annoyingly: even ones I haven't seen before.
  • Over9000BPMOver9000BPM Join Date: 2019-01-06 Member: 248189Members
    Cochonou wrote: »
    There is an issue on PS4 (or a feature, I don't know...) that the PDA's that are already picked up respawn after some time. So you can pick them up again, but as you have already downloaded their content, nothing happens. This could be the behaviour you're seeing ? It's annoying, but not game breaking.
    Another issue that is annoying is that the precursor force field doors reset after some time (or after reloading), so that you have to craft additional tablets to go back to the places you have already visited.
    I do not know if both issues are known by the developers and being worked on.

    You might also find that the Portal pedestals will also reactivate and accept another Ion Cube. Luckily the portals stay open either way so no ill effects on this aspect of the issue, but worth noting just in case.

  • CochonouCochonou France Join Date: 2019-01-19 Member: 249024Members
    Dear @madsauce,
    have those game saving issues (PDA respawning, force field doors closing, portals pedestal resetting) been reported to the PS4 team ?
    Please note that this is likely a different bug than the issue initially reported in this thread (all PDAs not working).
  • Lux0rdLux0rd Join Date: 2019-02-01 Member: 250014Members
    Is anyone else having an issue where you get major lag for like 5 seconds every time you surface? Luckily I haven't gotten to the point in the game where I've been chased by a reaper or something while needing to surface but having the game full on freeze every time you try to get air is insane.
  • PeterRdeVriesPeterRdeVries Netherlands Join Date: 2019-02-02 Member: 250142Members
    I also have the same issue where the force field doors reset after a while and I need to make additional twblets. This is really frustating going all the way to the containment facility and having to go all the way back so that I can go make another tablet
  • NanocrystalNanocrystal Join Date: 2019-02-03 Member: 250242Members
    Was loving this game until I encountered the PS4 save bug. Game crashed and I lost about three hours of progress, including the whole base that I'd built. Don't want to risk continuing if there's a chance my save could get corrupted altogether. PLEASE PLEASE fix this, as otherwise it's an absolutely wonderful game!
  • pellonpekkopellonpekko denver, co Join Date: 2019-02-05 Member: 250480Members
    my game was great before this! now it's glitch city (ie i can walk thru walls on the Aurora) AND it's resetting portions of the game so my progress is totally fuxored. HELP!! i've given 3 feed backs and NOOO response.
    23 hours into this biotch and can't play!
  • Jeffreyarcher18Jeffreyarcher18 Join Date: 2019-02-10 Member: 250753Members
    My seamoth glitched through the ground by the gun after I saved and exited the game and I can't get it back and I really need it back please fix these issues I love the game to bits but this is making it not very fun.l
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