Game Crashing during save

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On current Xbox release the game will crash during an attempt to save the game. This usually happens when I don’t save the game for a long period of time maybe an hours worth of time. If I try to save everything 15 min or so it appears to work just fine. I did not have this issue in the early release version and it kinda makes me not want to play when you’re constantly losing hours worth of time/work/game progression. Please Fix. I can usually deal with other bugs in the game but this is my far one of the worst I’ve had to endure.


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    Yeah I've had that happen about 5 or 6 times. I usually don't play it for a few days after it happens because of the frustration of losing hours worth of progress. And spam saving kinda ruins the survival aspect of the game for me. Im not sure how this game is worse than it was a year ago. How does that even happen? Kinda angry i paid for this game but it looked interesting.
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    Since ver release on XBOX seems to have corrected the save bug for me. I can now save without a hard crash and losing all work
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    My game crashes every time I attempt to save. I hate that I bought a great game and can't enjoy it. I have cleared cache, restarted my xbox, deleted and reinstalled the game. Please help with this so that I can enjoy the game.
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    büllz, we had hoped this issue would be resolved with patch but I'm really sorry it is keeping you from playing. When you start a new game and save, is the save finishing some times and other times kicking you out of the game(crashing)?
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    I've had this happen to me. So I took the safest route. DON'T MOVE WHEN YOU SAVE!
    You may notice... Saving takes a few seconds to a minute to give you back the controls... But it's still saving in the corner of my screen. If you move about, me and my wife found that it takes longer and longer to save and causes bad things to happen. So just be safe and sure. Press save... wait for controls to come back. And pause the game until it's done saving. Every time I save. I do it twice to ensure it worked.

    I know it's ridiculous amount of waiting... But it's working for us here. ^.^
    PS: To be extra safe. Only save inside your bases when nothing is happening.

    PSS: See best practices here:
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    I've found the same. Since I've used this method, I've only once had a save crash on me. But I save quite regularly now so it hasn't been a problem.

    Would be great to see this game better optimized though - that seems to be the major issue.
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    My game also crashes every single time I try to save. As soon as I press save it crashes to home. This has been going on for weeks now. It's super frustrating
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    i cant find an answer anywhere online, my game crashes every time i save even if i'm standing still. I've tried everything uninstalling, reinstalling, and deleting the cache files. please help me resolve this issue as i am unable to play the game as of right now.
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    My only suggestion is to try disabling cloud saves.
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