Xbox Saving game glitch tips (BEST PRACTICES)

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I know I've said it before elsewhere. But I figure this may help others experiencing the same issues we've come across in our play sessions.

  • Always save in your base/escape pod.
  • Always save when nothing is happening. (Don't be moving around!)
  • When you press save, wait for it to give you the controls back. Then press pause and wait for it to finish. (if you don't, it may cause the infinite saving game glitch. see below)
  • Save twice just in case.
  • Saving in your Cyclops works too. (Just be sure you're not loading into the game with a predator leviathan that spawns near / on you when you reload)

I know it's sounds like a ridiculous amount of time to wait when there's so much to explore and play with. But our patience in waiting is allowing us to continue our games on our ends without a ton of glitches. And yes, we've figured it out the hard way. Here's to hoping your games become more stable like ours and a patch that fixes these bugs comes soon. :-)

Infinite saving game glitch:
This is where the save icon is present forever. The game greys out the save button. Scenery and creatures may not spawn. FPS may drop (rare?). The only way out of this scenario is to return to main Xbox dash board and force the game to close or unplug the console. Which both causes more issues down the road like main menu freezing and never loading etc etc... See this post for how I fixed my scenario:


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    Tolerated this save BS with the PAID beta version, but now switched over to the new Xbox 1 version and still can't save. $50 into these games and can't save. This is ridiculous.
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    I'm not sure if this is a great solution, but only once did my game take a longer time to save in the full release. What I always try to do is to not store or build like crazy. I build exactly what I need and when I'm moving I pack up my base completely and rebuild it wherever I'm moving to. I try to avoid building tons and tons of storage and storing hundreds of items too.

    Again not sure if it even does anything, but that's how I played and never had any major issues, in fact barely any issues whatsoever.
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