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I don't know if this has already been discussed on the forums (Don't have time to sift through 36 pages of discussions to find it) but is there any way to improve draw distance and load in issues temporarily until update 85 arrives, also get rid of those irritating black squares that have been there since day 1 and have yet to be fixed, i noticed a ton of new graphic settings on the Xbox and am curious if any of those do anything to have better performance.


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    There is currently no fix, but the best temp-fix would be to heavily increase fog to cover up the unloaded parts.

    Just wait, It'll improve, I'm sure.
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    Thanks for the answer i will say that when we finally get that last major update i will jump through my roof in excitement.
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    Buy an external USB3 SSD (from a reputable company like Samsung, WesternDigital, etc... check the reviews on Tom's Hardware etc) and run the game from that. Should help a lot. XB1X will help as well, but the disks are basically the same, so if you do one, do the hard disk. Also great for decreasing level load times in other games if you move them to the SSD.
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