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I have played the game for a while now, started with the demo then bought it. I have a rather small, tiny problem with the game. IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! Loading the game if and when it decides to start takes at least 10-20 minutes to start just the title of the game not to mention the other 25 minutes waiting for the game to stop freezing up because it can't understand what a title is. Once in game no matter what mode i pay in and I do not exaggerate I cannot see the Aurora which by the way i finally know what it looks like thanks to google images and up-loaders. I have to be next to the land, animal, object in order to see it other wise is just a blank space in the screen. I also want to mention that any animal that touches me in the game like reaper which scares me every time since i can't see it coming and just appear suddenly, when it grabs me it always sends me through the floor to infinity until i die. Ok since there is a lot more problems with this game but i hope people get the point please i need help. I already tried cleaning the Xbox one is not the xbox any other game plays well except for subnautica. PLEASE HELP, I feel like this has been such a lie and such a money scam I feel cheated out of money for something i can't get a refund nor for it to work and stuck with something i can only enjoy if i watch youtube video gameplays of.


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    Sorry to hear your having such major problems; now I know some people do struggle to play the game, and I've had problems myself, mainly with drawing distance and frame speed. However having said that, as of the last update, update 84, that came out. I was able to play and complete the game; now it's not perfect by any means, but unfortunately there does seem to be a token few people who like you are having a really awful time. Having said that, Unknown Worlds, has recently taken on a company to help with coding issues, and are now working with Panic Button, this link will show you what's happening so hopefully when everything goes to final release shortly your issues will be solved.
    Other that I can't offer you much help, because you've probably done all the usual things we're expected to do. Uninstall the game, clear the cache, reinstall the game and see if it works.
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    Hi there. Sounds like something went wrong with your game download and the game might be corrupted.

    Please delete & re-download the game for your Xbox. You do not need to pay again.
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    I'm having a problem too, I can't launch the game that I just bought on Xbox live. I have not even been able to play it at all. What/Why would this be happening?
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    Hi, I'm thinking of buying Subnautica on my Xbox 1, but the game says it's a preview and "it's a work in progress". Is this game exactly like the pc/mac version?
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    Hi LilyMBurke
    It's the same as the pc version, it's all up to date, all of the content is installed, and you can finish the game. However it is still a preview game, Unknown Worlds, has hired another company to help bring the game upto release point; ie improving frame rate, fixing bugs that sort of thing.
    So you have the usual warnings if you buy the game you've got no comeback, it's totally your responsibility.
    So should you buy the game, if you like exploration games, learning the secrets of the planet, and possibly getting a fright or two, from some of the critters, then yes, you should buy the game. Having said that, there seems to be different groups of people who have different levels of playability with the game; some can't play the game for some reason, some can play the game but complain about the frame rate, and certain glitches within the game, then there's the final group who've never had any problems have the occasional slow down, but otherwise the game plays perfectly for them. Which category you end up in seems to be in the lap of the gods, no one, seems able to say why there having problems whilst other players aren't.
    I hope this helps, I myself fall into the category of, I've had the occasional problem, I've died because a wreck, has suddenly materialised around me, due to frame rate lag, and I've finished the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm now waiting for the full release before I play SN, again, as I would love to enjoy the full experience of the game without the lag.
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    I still wonder if there are subtle hardware differences between different xbox units. Not enough to announce a new gen, but different enough that it can affect performance so much. Some people have this problem but I think most don't. Why does it persist for these few people, though?

    A frustrating mystery.
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