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Subnautica FAQ - Updated 31st of May 2018

I have a problem with Subnautica on PC. Can you help?
Over 90% of Subnautica issues can be fixed by following Subnautica's TroubleShooting guide on Steam. If that doesn't help, you can post on our forums.

I have a problem with Subnautica on Mac. Can you help?
See answer above, please.

I have a problem with Subnautica on Xbox. Can you help?
Firstly, try a full reboot of your machine. Xbox units often go to sleep rather than turn-off fully. Try a reboot.
If not, try deleting and re-installing Subnautica. If that fails, please contact Microsoft support.

What about Multiplayer?
Subnautica was designed as a Single-Player experience. We're not planning on working on multiplayer.

Is Subnautica coming to PS4?
We're hoping to bring Subnautica to PS4. We do not currently have an ETA.

Nintendo Switch?
We would love to... Technical feasibility is unclear though. We have nothing to announce.

I purchased Subnautica on [some] platform, can I have a key for [some other] platform?
We do not have any control over store fronts and key transfers between them. You need to purchase the game for the platform you wish to play on.

Do you support Mods?
We love mods! Our company was founded making mods. While we don't provide 'official' Mod support, we love seeing what the community is doing. Check out the fan-made mods over on Nexus Mods! Disclaimer: We do not provide support for mods. We are not liable for mods. Use at your own risk!

I have a great idea that I'd like to talk to you guys about!
That's great! We love how creative our community is. You can post it on our forums, or post in our Community Discord where others can see your ideas too! We can't promise to use your ideas but we love being inspired by our community.

I still have an issue I'd like to get help with
For all other kinds of requests please head over to the Subnautica forums. The Subnautica forums are an excellent place to ask questions or get help if the game is not running correctly on your machine. We have a very dedicated community experienced in tech support. You can always chat to others in our Discord as well.

Thanks for your interest in Subnautica!

--Unknown Worlds Entertainment
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