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    IronHorse wrote: »
    Aeglos wrote: »
    Oh please. The problem with rookie fades is not that they use metabolise as an attack.
    It's not the problem, but it's a problem.
    I'd even say a higher priority noobtrap is them holding down blink.

    That doesn't mean we still shouldn't fix other issues, however.
    We're looking at baitball, we're looking at powernode blueprints confusing rookies, we're looking at Xeno, we're looking at all of it.

    It appears this change might upset some because they are used to something that should've been fixed long ago. That's really unfortunate, and maybe there's a solution out there like allowing for an option somewhere in the menu for those who feel like they cannot instinctively use their movement modifier key instead as intended. But full disclosure : that's not going to happen this patch, and that's not going to stop us from making improvements like those listed above, even if they require adjusting how one plays.

    Thanks for the feedback provided by everyone here on the matter.
    I look forward to hearing back from some of you who did not make the public PT, after you get to try it out in game.

    What a joke. When was the last time a rookie fade tried to kill you using metabolise? The confusion most have is that it does nothing (as far as they can see). That it is both on shift and weapon 2 is so trivial that it is not a problem. What you need to "fix" is that the effects are not clearly communicated, not that it is also on a weapon slot.

    Look, I'll definitely benefit from the eventual change from weapon slots to their own binds (mouse buttons), but you are shafting the players who don't have them. Iept's bindings don't look good at all and Nintendows doesn't seem capable of backing up his idea.

    Edit - Oh look at the recently bumped thread. How times change.
    Nintendows wrote: »
    I have on a number of occasions used the wrong weapon as an alien simply because there is almost no visual indication of the alien weapon you have selectedselected.

    Use default crosshairs. Problem fixed.
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    And here I wondered why after all these months I still never see HP Barsettings “Percentage“ working... they said they fix it soon after the Testnight... yeah right and I believed it after months they say it has low priority...
    Stalling me, so I can stall the others because I was in contact with them about this isssue.. right way to obscore your playerbase

    No wonder I played more ns1 gathers lately
    I liked how they were developing ns1 with the opinions of the community
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    Keep alien abilities tied to weapon slots, but introduce per-lifeform keybind settings. Use default presets (per-lifeform) that correspond with the dev-recommended layout while still allowing player choice: a sensible decision for a game whose complicated and unique mechanics practically demand that choice.

    No need to remove metabolize from the alien special movement key in this case, and no need to remove the weapon slots. No need to screw any control scheme that makes heavy use of the quick switch key, mousewheel, or traditional weapon keys.

    If the above isn't desired because 1) it still leaves the potential for ignorant players to misuse metabolize via traditional weapon selection and 2) that (even though it's not a common problem) is the big issue you're trying to fix, then introduce the above but also introduce a toggle between moba-style per-lifeform binds and traditional fps binds. Yeah, it's all a lot of work, but it's probably the better work to be doing if significant changes to controls are desired.

    For what it's worth, I've seen a great many bad fades. I've never seen one try to attack me with metabolize. Walker fades? Yeah. Fades with no aim because they have no clear sense of swipe's range? Yeah. Fades who test out using metabolize in the hive area because they have no clue what it does? Yeah. Fades holding down blink into a fight only to exhaust their energy? Yeah. Fades trying to metabolize me to death? No.

    Edit: For additional thoughts and opinions about potential changes to alien weapon/keybind functionality, please see this thread.

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    Aeglos wrote: »
    What you need to "fix" is that the effects are not clearly communicated
    I do agree that this is needed. Reusing the Vortex animation isn't the worst, but it could use a more clear animation or cinematic at least.
    Same with the 3rd person animation : it's not even playing the vortex animation, but instead a chopped up swipe animation, oddly.

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