Controller-PC combo non-functional

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Hooked up an XBOX 360 controller with my PC (Windows 10). My other Steam games work fine like this, but Subnautica spins around like a mad thing in response to any controller input. Adjusting SN's controller settings made no difference. Mouse and keyboard still working fine with SN though.
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    Usually this happens when another USB device interferers with the input system. Try disconnecting other USB devices such as webcams, wheels & pedals.

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    Hey, sorry if this is an old post, but I'm experiencing this exact issue.
    I've been loading the game through the Epic store, and have experienced this spinning each time I've connected a controller, be it a wired 360 controller or a PS4 controller (wired or wireless). I have tried unplugging every other USB device, including mouse and keyboard.

    Any possibility there's a fix out there?
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    Got the same issue here, using a wireless 360 controller with no other USB devices plugged in, the controller is unusable. Any ideas?
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    Same problem...
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    This issue has been left unaddressed, literally for years. It is literally game breaking. If you cannot correct the problem, you need to stop advertising as having full controller support.
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    Somewhat related. Can only type one letter on xbox chatpad or wired keyboard when using xbox one controller. Second letter pressed exits out of item name editor.
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