Very strange framerate bug when looking NNE from starting area.

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I first noticed FPS drops when running around my base. At first I thought it was the windows causing more stuff to render, but then noticed it happened even when staring at a blank wall. Eventually realised it was direction based.


The readings above were taken from inside the starting lifepod (-142, 5.8, -385.7). I also got the same readings standing on top of the pod, and in the sea directly below it. Facing any direction between NNW and ENE tanks my FPS. My base is a short distance west of the lifepod. I edged the screen along pixel by pixel from the west and then from the east. This indicated that the issue was caused by something exactly NNE.

I also discovered this behaviour only occurs within a certain area, a square bound by -320 to -509 north/south and -191 to -2 west/east. The moment I leave this square my fps shoots back up to normal. There is a hard boundary between normal and low fps. Deleting my entire cellscache folder returned my FPS to normal. This is at 1920x1080 on high presets. GTX1060 6GB, 6600K, SSD, all latest drivers.

Someone on reddit had the same issue and said they'd noticed their GPU load dropping when the FPS dropped. I tested and found the same, my GPU load dropping from 100% to around 30%.

Bit more detail on my reddit thread here:


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