**SPOILERS** - Disappointed with that f***king door in Aurora's PRAWN bay!

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Ok guys,
I'm feeling extremely disappointed with that door on the high wall of the PRAWN bay. More than that, I'm feeling betrayed.
First time I got to it and the door didn't open, I figured: "Hey, it hasn't launched yet. They will certainly put an easter egg here, maybe a hidden achievement". Then I got to it and BAM, locked!!

Also I was clipping through the wall beside it, but I posted it on the appropriate forum.

Now, I'm posting here on the Ideas and Suggestions because that door has everything to become a nice bonus cache.
  • It is clearly the same model as openable doors from wrecks, so players are drawn to it.
  • It is on an inaccessible place, however there are boxes strategically placed below the "stairway" (non-functional) that can be arranged to reach it.
  • There's fire blocking the way

It clearly looks like it was supposed to house something and it was kinda abandoned midway through development.

So my suggestion is, put something behind that door. A few cosmetic items, a voicelog and maybe an achievement.
These details go a long way.


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    Dont get too hung up on this, it's just the wrong door prop used. Can be fixed eventually. Carry on.

    Also, keep the language down. This really is a minor issue and should not require the use of swearing to get your point across.
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