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For those of you who don't know, in celebration of Subnautica's release, UWE is holding a Livestream when it releases.

And, as of the editing of this thread (thank you @0x6A7232...), it is now fully released.

This has no other purpose but to hype of the community.

This insane ride is actually over.

Through the ups of the first Aurora explosion and the Terraformer, to the downs of the No-world glitch and the Summer of the Missing Framerates, Subnautica has continued to be one of the greatest survival games I've ever played.

I wish luck to Unknown Worlds in improving this game and any other future games you make.

And I wish special luck to all of you who are planning to do a full run through of the game. May the Reapers be quiet and your Peepers be delicious. :)


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