multiple bugs after 24 hours of play, had to start new game.

benhondabenhonda usa Join Date: 2018-01-03 Member: 234774Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
The game was playing well at first, but things really went downhill after I got the prawn suit.
First, the databox that is supposed to have the blueprint for the prawn suit drill arm will not open.
Second, i launched the prawn suit from the cyclops and it seems the floor had not loaded in yet because I just kept falling. At around 3k meters the prawn suit finally ran out of
Third, another time after loading the prawn suit in cyclops I started to raise the cyclops and poof, I was falling from 2k meters in the sky (where the cyclops and prawn suit now were)
Naturally for issues 2 and 3 I just exited without saving and reloaded.
But with 2 small bases, the cyclops, prawn suit and seamoth the whole game was getting very lagy. I often had to wait as long as 10-15 seconds for the sea floor to load in.
Also, the blue semi-transparent angel like creatures sometimes turn into large black blocks.

I've started a new game in hopes that by progressing faster I can get further along without the game becoming unplayable.


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