A brute force method for turning off base lights

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This is for those who like building in the darker places like the Floating Islands, Grand Reef or the Lava Zone and hate the annoying reflections on some of the glass base windows. To turn off the lights, you need to build a corridor walled off with a bulkhead. This will be deliberately flooded, and that will turn off all the base lights - and the bulkhead will prevent any water from getting in the main base. This can be used for extra support as well - there is no reason not to put on supports on all sides since it won't be used for anything but lighting control.

To flood the corridor, you can either hit it with the Cyclops (it won't damage the Cyclops), or you can drill it with the Prawn. That will put in holes and flood the corridor, but leave the rest of the base untouched, except for the lights being turned off! If you decide you want them back, it's as simple as going in and fixing the holes. I like making a hatch on the control corridor to the outside, so it's easy to get in without letting water into the main base.

It's may be a hack, but it works. Until and if they ever give us light switches, this will do the job and let you see out without the irritating reflections getting in the way.

I hope that this helps those who would like a little more control over lighting - and like looking outside!


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