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So... Someday i wanted to go mine " Lithium Ore " with EXO SUIT. On the way to a lithium ore which i remembered, suddenly, I fell down to 1000+ feet.

With this bug, i can not walk on foot, only if i fly with "Thurst".

So for me, EXO SUIT is not useful at the moment.

Please rezolve that bug please.... Thanks for reading!!!
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    Did you fall through the terrain?
  • SERGIUSERGIU Romania Join Date: 2017-11-19 Member: 234041Members
    0x6A7232 wrote: »
    Did you fall through the terrain?

    Yes... I fall through the terrain.
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    Just posting so I can make a thread, dont mind me
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    Help, also my prawn is having some problems. Look what happens when i open my saved game youtube.com/watch?v=glcXrqfq_aU.
    Can someone help me without cheating?
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    I've seen suggestions to exit Prawn as soon as it loads. Try either holding E or repeatedly hitting E.
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    The Prawn Suit locked in Below Zero since the update V25814 until now in V26108, even taking save from the previous version already with Prawn, it stays locked wherever it is, the last version that works correctly is the V25525.
  • MemnarMemnar Join Date: 2020-06-01 Member: 261546Members
    I have the issue in experimental mode that the prawn suit seems to hit a ceiling or something when thrusting. Depth does not matter nor does force of direction I will hit something stutter and then lose all the momentum I was building.
  • MemnarMemnar Join Date: 2020-06-01 Member: 261546Members
    Seems fixed for my issue so thank you.
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    Also I fall from the terrain, using the prawn after reload in a alien base. Look: youtube com/watch?v=FQZDL0LU21o

    This is the second time, the first time was in the Alien Thermal Plant
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    I had this with just more than my Prawn suit. I lost count how many times the terrain disappeared out from under me I was in the Quarantine Enforcement Platform in the sub bay and the Prawn when trough the floor. It happened inside the bay at the front and I fell through the floor and had to restart the game as I couldn't get out.
  • Arc_11Arc_11 UK Join Date: 2020-07-21 Member: 262671Members
    Well, July 2020 and this bug still exists! Made my first ever shiny new prawn suit, went stomping off towards aurora's stern section to take on the big beasty that always gets me there, have a few fights with it then BOOM, is smashes me not only into the floor, which would be fine, but all the way through it! Sank down to 1200 meter's or so, got out, prawn imploded, I died, not happy. Hit F8 and sent a proper bug report just before I died, if anyone knows how to fix this it would be awesome, I shall post a new thread on this once I am allowed as this is a new profile.
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