Disappearing environment

OathswornOathsworn Nuneaton Join Date: 2016-12-21 Member: 225271Members
Came back through, the teleport from the Alien Gun, to the Alien Power Plant, for the second time, after forgetting some ingredients. I'm in the P.R.A.W.N. suit, I come out of the teleport, go up the ramp to the exit, step through and start sinking. I activate the jump jet, no response I keep falling, I use the grapple and hang for a moment letting the jump jet recover, then try again, no response, I fall to the floor. This is where I realise that the reason the jump jet failed, was because there's no water, what was a water environment is now an air environment. So stupidly, I save the game, exit to the main menu and load the game back in, no change, I quit again and go to the Dashboard, and use the Quit option, load back up and still no difference. I'm wondering is there away to reset the environment back to what it's supposed to be. TIA


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