I decided to quit making games...

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... and only make proper winform applications from now on. Things that could benefit me at work etc. I have been working very hard on a tool for my job, but decided I needed a break and would work on a different winforms app in the meantime.

Unsurprisingly, I made a game :P

Have you ever played Snake? Have you ever played Snooker? Welcome to the unholy mash-up of the two:



You all know the rules of Snaaker right? I mean Snooker...::

Game is go:

Building a break

Forgot to mention you are the White ball, but I think that becomes fairly self evident as the only moving item on the screen...

No more screenshots, as it is too hard to press Alt-Gr & print screen at the same time, and I am too lazy to make an automatic screenshot taker :P

OK, just one more:

Let me know your highest scores. Anyone hit the 147 maximum?
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