Welder pickup & autoswitch after phasing in

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When I phase to a location without a welder and a marine has recently died there with one, the game picks it up and autoswitches to it.

I havent played for a while, but didnt change any settings, nor could i find any related option in the menu.
Is this a recently introduced bug, or am I missing something?
Needless to say, but I cant kill a single skulk like this after emerging on the other side :P


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    Yea this was fixed for a while, but recently I discovered the old behavior had reverted back, not sure what's going on there.
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    Gotta be related to the ridiculous behavior of drop and use. If g is drop weapon, why do i pick up a welder, especially when I already have a welder. I wanted to drop my weapon with the drop weapon key.

    Maybe also related to the frustrating behavior of the welder not allowing me to move slowly when building an RT. E should move slowly (equal to build tool), and literally choosing and using a welder should let you move fast.
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