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I hit subnautuca hard when released on Xbox. I really enjoy the concept and the execution even though it was a very early version. I got into the forum, survived some early game breaking development and gave as much positive feedback as I could. Then I walked away mainly to keep some mystery in a game I still look forward to be completed.
Now I'm guessing 6-7 months have passed since I've last seen anything Subnautica and while searching for salvation from destiny 2 I figured it was time to check in again.
The game has come a long way. I like the look of the menus, key binding is much better, vehicles work pretty fully as far as I can tell. Playability has greatly improved. Distance rendering is better, only ran my Cyclops into a rock once and slowed down a bit after that.
Seeing the improvements I even loaded one of my bigger saves that was last running at 5fps in the base on a good day. I could walk smoothly even run. Vehicles didn't crash the game from the moonpool or get shot out like a cannonball on launch. Still have a few house fish but I can live with the smell. Nearly sunk my Cyclops loading this one though as it was parked in a custom dock with very tight tolerances and seems to have grown slightly.
Overall seems to have been very positive changes and I'm still very excited to see the finished version on Xbox...eventually


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    Have you been able to craft benzene? It used to be in the advanced materials menu but it’s not there anymore. The only one listed is aerogel.
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    Have you been able to craft benzene? It used to be in the advanced materials menu but it’s not there anymore. The only one listed is aerogel.

    you must first harvest blood oil from blood kelp zone to get blueprint for benzene
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    @Slackerstu I did exactly the same as you, but decided to come back after they announced that the XB1 version now has all the content the PC version has. I agree it's come a long way, and I know the Devs have said they're still working on the XB1 version, but 10 hours in I'm finding myself increasingly bumping into terrain again as it loads inches from my face.

    I guess it'll be a little while longer before we see 1.0 on the XB1, but I'm happy to wait.
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    We're very busy working on console V 1.0 - it's currently in certification process with Microsoft & Sony. We're fixing issues until it passes cert.

    We're hoping to get an update out before the 1.0 release of Xbox, but due to cert timing that may not be possible. But your copy will update to 1.0 on it's own when the game is released in early December.
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    I also have started playing again. My earliest save was May 2017. But I guess I knew what to expect with Update 84 because I started to play the Jan 2018 release in Feb 2018 on a laptop. Well done Dev's. I have been able to blast off on PC at just over 19 hours. While on the console I havn't finished the game in less than 1 day and 12 hours. I am enjoying working on it!!!
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