I've officially gone insane, guys.* Now the Monty Python Reference Thread

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As if you couldn't tell by my avatar, today, in subanutica, I crossed the moral event horizon. How? Well, I've had my cuddlefish for a while now, and I wanted to take him to space with me. Except I couldn't pick him up. Solution? Kill the thing and cheat in a new egg. I turned on instagib mode, but a knife didn't work, as it just made me pet him. Darn. So, I stasis rifled him, grabbed a deep shroom out of my prawn and grabbed my prop cannon. He sat there like that scene in old yeller, staring up at me with those huge eyes. I shot him right on his forehead. He died instantly. I then propelled his corpse down about 200 meters to the reaper near the big mountains wreck. I'm a complete monster, I know...
... and I'm not ashamed at all. >:)
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