[Bug] A Bug list + Suggestions | Build: Sep-2017, 53518

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Build: Sep-2017, 53518

Specs ran in Subnautica:
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k @ 3.50GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
Ram: 16GB's
OS: Windows 10 Pro
All Drivers are upto date.

I've decided to create a thread containing contents of a couple bugs and visual errors I've encountered through-out my gameplay, I hope this thread will not be lost within the void and will help the developers in their next future update to help solve these problems.

Please help and support this thread by commenting or bumping so everyone including the developers can see this and utilize it. :smile:

Habitat Builder/ Constructions:
1. You can still build x and y without knowing the resource requirements, as long as you have scanned at least 1 fragment of x and y, you can still build it.
2. Placing glass windows inside a Compartment doesn't seem to work, which requires you to build the glass window outside.
3. Bulkhead doors seem to close by them selves when you exit the base or walk a certain distance away from them.
4. If you happened to build a base on land, I've noticed that if your integrity goes negative, water will start spewing inside the base which doesn't make much sense because you've built on land and there isn't any water around so why is their water spewing inside?
5. Cameras from the Scanner Room sometimes spawn the cameras in a completely different position instead of on the Scanner Room socket.

Visual Glitches/Issues:
1. Having a base piece selected for example "T Compartment", If you're on the surface and look around, you will be able to see the islands without their fog/cloud over it.
2. Scanner Room seems to be using the old terrain patterns and is picking up the wrong signal locations. If the camera is facing the correct way towards an Island and if you preview the camera on the monitor, you can see the island clearly without it's fog/cloud over it. Also the preview camera monitor seems to be in a very low resolution.
3. After the Aurora explosion, you can see the back end of the Aurora wreckage clearly as if It doesn't have that sense of fog or view distance blur to it, It's just crystal clear through-out the entire game. It's quite an eye sore.
4. I've noticed if you've built inside caves/terrain or perhaps you're very far away but can still see your player-built base. You can see inside your base but as if the entire thing is floating and tons of materials and objects are missing (Hope this made sense)

Performance Issues:
1. Massive FPS drops while reaching to the surface, entering and exiting out of bases/personal life-pod.
2. Due to the render distance being very low, the game chunks a lot having to load massive amounts of particles, objects, wrecks, AI, clutter etc. This is very noticeable when at deeper depth, for example from 0 to 50 depth you can kinda see good however when you go any deeper than 50 depth, so let's say you're looking down at a 100-200 depth while you're at 50 depth, stuff doesn't render and looks very flat and disgusting. (Hope this made sense.)

Artificial Intelligence/AI
1. I'm still seeing the same issue I've seen 2 years ago. Creatures such as the Gasopods and Reefbacks are spawning in packs and are getting stuck within each other or perhaps are face slamming into the terrain or even into your base. Not to mention they sorta just pop up out of no where, I've noticed they spawn in front of you, Not sure what the issue is with that or It's because of the very low render distance.

1. Please lower the audio/echo of the players walking/running sounds while inside a player-built base, I hate sounding like a 200 pound male stomping his fat ass legs around, like his Godzilla. The echo really hurts your ears.
2. Please embed an option in the Graphical Options to increase our Field of View and Render Distance.
3. Even after turning off the Laser Beam Cannon, It still powers up and destroys the Sunbeam, why though? Perhaps this could be discussed among your workers to come up with an alternative way if you do save the Sunbeam. My example would be they cannot land due to the ocean planet and will send in a rescue within a couple of months, which triggers a secret story-mode or perhaps an ending? Would be amazing if we could explore space like just to It's moons but I doubt that's ever gonna happen.

I really admire and appreciate the amazing work of the developers at Unknown Worlds. That have been supplying us with consistent updates and awesome content to play around with. But It's the small things like these bugs and issues that hold the beautiful game that is Subnautica. Hopefully they will be fixed and the game will reach It's prime state.

PS: We're dying to have a Coop mode in Beta. :P

- Mikuru


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