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Hello everybody, esp. Devs ;)

while I was commencing in reviewing the german translation, I noticed that there are some things in Subnautica which obviously don't have a "slot" for a translation.

Here is what I found so far:
  • "Health" indicator of a seamoth or a prawn suit docked in a moonpool and you aim at it
  • ExitCyclops (which is displayed when aiming at the hatch to leave the cyclops)
  • Items on the Cyclops Vehicle Modification Panel ("BASE", "STRIPE 1" etc.)
  • Rockgrub

Anybody who found some more items that don't have an appropriate entry on the translation page?


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    Maybe it's not the best place to make request, but I just don't wanna make new threads.

    So, when I started playing this game I couldn't find what the PDA means. Well, I googled (duckduckgoed?) it, but it's kinda stupid. It should be clearly explained in the game at the very start when PDA is booting for the first time. It would also help to understand localized versions of it. For example, PDA in my lang. would be ASA, but I would not understand what these letters should mean, nor english or nor localized.
    Please add something like "Hey, I'm your Personal Digital Assistant, but you can call me PDA" or something.

    Thanks :)
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