my opinion NOT SCARY anymore

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In my opinion Subnautica has been changed from a unique, award winning, SCARE THE CRAP out of you game to just another pretty 10 for $10 arcade game with baddies under every rock, in every cave, behind every door, etc. etc. I used to look forward to turning the lights down, putting on my head phones and bursting out with laughter every 30 minutes because a silly computer game SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!! Now it just like a cheap arcade game with litteraly baddies everywhere.... NOT SCARY guys, almost annoying! Agame has Never scared me until Subnautica came along. In my opinion it was 5 STAR MUST GET, now its 4 star ok game, get it if you want. The gamers who called for "more baddies, more baddies oh yeah" ruined the award winning, unique SCARE ability of this ALL TIME , SCARY CLASSIC game that any gamer should have in his or her collection. Iknow the game is still in developement but it seems to be heading in the wrong direction.
info: xbox one, male, 50yo young concerned gamers opinion.
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