Redone Suggestion: Black Reaper Leviathan

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A variation of Reaper Leviathan caused by Kharaa infested Phantom Whispers.
Type: Fauna.
Attitude: Defensive.
Biome: Crash zone, Aurora, Dunes, Mountains, Mountain Island, Grand reef, Crag field, Blood kelp zone & Kelp forest.
Resources: Black Reaper egg & Black Reaper mandibles.
Damage. Bite: 65 damage, Grab: Instant kill when below 80 health, Ram: 50 damage, Throw: 25 damage.
Physical features: Shorter mandibles, Black skin instead of Red skin, Shorter than the Reaper Leviathan.
1. Mandibles appear to be shorter & weaker than the Reaper Leviathan’s mandibles.
2. Has black pigments instead of the normal red pigments as the Kharaa corrupted its red pigments.
3. Most Black Reapers are 48 meters instead of 55 meters.
4. Mandibles incapable of piercing causing less damage to vehicles.
5. Shows instinctive fear of other Leviathan-class species & bigger fauna.
6. Shows fear of being around humans when near death.
7. Upon death, the Phantom Whisper will emerge from it.
8. Diet is limited due to a weak immune system to poison.
9. Shows the Stalker’s attraction to scrap metal.

Prey: Peeper, Boomerang, Eyeye, Hoopfish, Holefish, Hoverfish, Reginald, Spadefish, Sea Treaders, Biters, Stalkers, Bone shark, Cave crawler, Blood crawler & Sand shark.
Predators: Phantom whisper, Warper, Sea dragon Leviathan, Reaper Leviathan, Ghost Leviathan.
Assessment: Avoid Black Reaper corpses & don’t aggravate the Black Reapers.

New story: Black Reapers are a variation of Reaper Leviathan caused by mutation from the Kharaa infested Phantom whisper inside of it. Upon the death of the Black Reaper, the Phantom whisper would emerge as an adult Phantom whisper.

Original story: Black Reapers were created by the Precursor to contain & quarantine Rev-up, a bacterium responsible for the creation of Phantom whispers. When the Black Reaper die, the Phantom whisper would escape.

(Note 1: This is the V3 of the Black Reaper.)
(Note 2: Here is the original:
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