Suggestion: Black Reaper

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An odd variation of the Reaper Leviathan with a strange behavior.
Type: Fauna
Attitude: Defensive
1. Black Reapers have a very limited prey list.
2. Black Reapers have shorter mandibles, Indigo colored eyes, it has black coloring instead of red coloring on its body, and is slightly smaller than the normal Reaper Leviathan.
3. Black Reapers are scared of most big fauna including Reaper Leviathans, Sea Dragon Leviathans, Ghost Leviathans, and Reefbacks.
4. Black Reapers do less damage to Seamoths.
5. Black Reapers show fear of being next to other fauna and humans when near death state.
6. Dead Black Reapers will transform into a different aggressive fauna.

Prey: Peepers, Sea Treaders, Jelly Ray, Biters, Sand Sharkers, Stalkers
Predator: Everything
Assessment: Watch your back, and stay away from dead ones.
Probably one of the most creative people in the area.


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