[BUG] Scanner room information does not update

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edited May 2017 in Subnautica Bug Reporting

1. Scan for a resource (e.g. quartz)
2. Orange locators mark the resources
3. Pick up said resource

Expected: Locator gets removed as resource is no longer present

Actual: Locator present indefinitely.

Exceptions: Sometimes it works, there seems to be no pattern when it breaks.

Note: Same goes for the item list. The items in the list get updated whenever the game feels like. (Which is usually never when you expect or want it to, if ever.)

Note2: Unloading and reloading the scanner room sometimes fixes this (by distance), reloading the game directly inside the scanner room does not. Very inconsistent. Six days until this bug is one year old, cheers.

Note3: As the scanner room for me is the most useful and interesting feature of the game, I not sure why it doesn't get the attention it deserves.


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