For everyone who doesn't understand why the devs can't "just fix it"... a small mod for you to watch

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Keep in mind, most of the work here is already done, it's just being modified:
nesrak1 wrote: »
1. Deploy the Sunflare like a beacon, ideally at least 20-30m above the seafloor. It will stay put just like a beacon.
2. Countdown timer starts. Flare auto-ignites in 5-10 seconds. You have that time to get clear of it. If you're still within, say, 10m of the Sunflare at ignition, you start taking heat damage.
3. The Sunflare burns for, oh, 5 realtime minutes. While it's burning, though, it's casting a 50m(?) sphere of intense white light - enough to make it daytime at the bottom of the darkest deep. If you approach it during the burn, you get burnt. (No picking this up and reusing it. Unless you're sick of having hands, that is.)
4. At the end of its burn, it disintegrates. Nothing to reclaim.
@scifiwriterguy I started on yours because I wanted something easy to do after messing with the fog.

Everyone else: Still working on fog, faster creatures, more damage, etc. since that's top on the poll.

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