Cyclops' HUD field of view too narrow? [experimental]

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I'm posting this under suggestions, since it's not really a bug, but I feel like something should be done with this.
It appears to me, that the new Cyclops' HUD is a bit hard to see, having those large icons put a lot to the sides and top. It's not that the info panels are too high or too much left/right, it's more a feeling like the player is standing too much in the front and the field of view is too narrow to see the controls comfortably.
I would suggest putting the camera/player position one step back when driving the Cyclops, so the player can see at least the edges of the control panels without turning his head around for 150 degrees.


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    When I first grabbed the helm of the new Cyclops I briefly thought the same thing. After a couple minutes thinking about it though, I realized the visibility would be worse if the camera was pulled back.

    For my aspect ratio (16:9) the larger HUD elements generally sit just outside my field of view with only the health and stealth bars within my field of view. If the player sits back a bit, then the terrain which was off the edges of my screen before would be on my screen, but uselessly covered by the new HUD elements while that which I could see clearly in front of me before would now have less space to display and harder to make out.

    So personally I came to the conclusion that pulling the camera back so I could always see the camera/speed buttons would have a serious impact on visibility while piloting, and wouldn't be worth it.

    The only HUD elements worth seeing while driving would be the already-in-your-view combination health/stealth bar + status 'dummy lights' and the hostile creature radar, with the latter being far too large to fit in any configuration tbh. If being able to notice enemies appearing on the radar is enough of a problem to put it in the way of driving (it almost is, in my opinion) then I think that could be fixed by making it 'ping' once for every enemy that enters its display to briefly draw your attention to it at the most crucial time, first contact.
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