Where do you typically build?

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I ask this out of curiosity, I love finding nice comfy places to build and I'm interested in seeing the kinds of places people like to build the most.

I personally have a spot that I ALWAYS build my main base, I never deviate from it. It's in the border region between 4 zones:


I've found this place to be absolutely perfect. It's near the only thermal vent anywhere near the safe shallows, very close to the floating island, and right on the border of 4 different biomes. The specific spot sits on a plateau with plenty of space for building a large base, with a couple small grassy hills and some grass just behind it, and a deep trench free of predators and full of limestone chunk just behind that. It has everything you need, it's not too far away from the aurora for the early game and right next to the floating island for easy access to fruits to sustain yourself with little effort, it has a thermal vent nearby for yet another source of power, right on the edge of the grand reef, it just has everything AND it looks nice.

The only thing I don't like about the spot is that there's no music ever. Ever. I would personally love if the music from the safe shallows would play, but I guess no music is a bit better than the horrifying music in the redgrass plains.


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