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So I've been to a few different fourms over the years that seem to keep pulling this one particular picture from... Somewhere. It's not my main profile picture, but I remember uploading this picture ( the fat man with the tiger on it's hind legs ) to gmail years ago and now wherever it was is lost to time, but somehow certain websites and plugins manage to dredge this picture up from somewhere.

How and where does this forum pull this picture from and I change it?


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    The picture is fetched from http://www.gravatar.com which is a popular avatar service for a lot websites. You can either change your profile avatar there for all websites using gravatar or you can just change your profile here by clicking at the gear at the very top o this page under your profile name.
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    Thank you I've been trying to figure this out for years! And low and behold, I've got a single lonely Gravatar "Account active, welcome to Gravatar" email from late 2013 to confirm it. Thanks again! :D
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