What else are you playing?

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Anyone else using the off-topic void?

What games are you really enjoying at the moment? I'm always wondering what kind of stuff you guys are into. It could be old, new, or in the middle, I don't care. If you love a game, let me know.

I'm absolutely loving Ultimate General: Civil War. It's a simply amazing game that's shaping up to be a spectacular RTS with a very solid campaign. The AI is probably the best I've ever seen from a RTS game, bar none. It's how the Total War AI should always have been. It's developed by the guy who does all the TW Darthmods so it's no wonder. If you enjoy RTS games or love history, this is a must.

Battle Brothers is my GOTY though. Turn-based combat, violence aplenty, lots of loot and mercs who you genuinely care about and feel devastated when an Orc beheads them or cuts off their arm, forcing you to send them into battle without a shield so they die, and you cry.
It's a really addictive and enjoyable game, one I keep going back to. 300 hours on Steam and it's not even 1.0.

In other gaming news, last week I started Fallout 4 again after getting about half way through it when it first came out. This time it's massively modded and to be honest I enjoyed spending 10 or so hours modding it more than I enjoy playing it. It's just so... repetitive? Mundane? It's like going through the motions. I don't think I'll be playing it for much longer.

Shadow Tactics just came out. I blasted through it pretty quickly. I loved the Commandos games when I was younger and this felt like a return to those old times. It's basically a Commandos clone set in Feudal Japan, not very much to say, but if you liked Commandos it's definitely worth checking out for nostalgia's sake.

I just installed Broken Sword: Director's Cut. I never played it so I'm looking forward to that. It's been so long since I did a point-n-click, Shardlight and Technobabylon were good though.

Still occasionally playing;
NEO Scavenger
Infested Planet
Prison Architect

Anyway, I hope some of you feel like replying. It's a totally open thread, anything gaming related goes. List 'em, talk about 'em, give opinions on 'em, ask about 'em.


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    I find myself modding more than I do playing lately but I played a bit of Day of Infamy and Insurgency 2 lately and quite enjoyed them.
    Looking forward to Rock of Ages 2 which should be out in the next few months.

    Haven't bought much lately anyway - I bought Titanfall and Titanfall 2 but still haven't got around to trying them yet. Before that I bought Day of Infamy I think.
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    Well this is new, I have a dogo, hunt for love, life is good, we all are moles! Have a free fish. It tastes like the internet!

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    Thinking about playing FTL.
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    Thinking about playing FTL.

    Keep your blood pressure meds handy.
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    Wait, there are other games in the world?!


    In all seriousness, not many. Rocket league is really the only other game I play regularly.

    I'll play the occasional Mario or Pokémon (should nostalgia demand it) or some other old treasures. Otherwise, Subnautica, straight up. My favorite game by far.
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