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Hey everyone!
I'm new to game and I'm loving it.

With my newbie perspective I have an idea that will help a bit with research and enable an all-game-long relevant way to find new cosmetics
I think this could also help with fan-made assets!

Why I thought this:
1) I found 1 battery charger piece somewhere... don't remember, haven't stumbled upon another.
2) I see there are variatons like chair1, 2

So, as title suggests, we can build a research computer!
This is either a separate room or built in the multipurpose room (like the bioreactor).

It has a few buttons.
Button 1: Turn on and off
Button 2: Research type: Existing patterns
Button 3: Research type: New patterns
It also has a hatch
Hatch: Load chips, has 8 slots. Once placed, can't be taken back.

It takes a few computer chips or wiring to build (honestly with how rare silver feels to me, i feel bad about this.. but let's go on)

So on the surface how it works:
You turn on the computer and it will shut down EVERYTHING in the base that requires energy, as the supercomputer requires a lot of energy. The only exception will be O2, so you can breathe.
But no fabricator, no spotlights, nothing. Energy generators work of course.

Then, depending on what research type you picked, it will start research. Default is new patterns.

The item being researched is random and it won't be revealed until half of it is complete. The pad will have a new tab for this, showing process on each supercomputer.
Once an item is being researched, this mod will fixate on this item. So turning off and on will not move you to another item.

The more complex and object, the harder it is to research.

Finally, the computer has an acceleration time, meaning the research will be initially slow and but will ramp up.

If you place better chips in the slots, you get faster research, you will also require more power.
The more energy the base have, the more research done. The max is capped by energy.

This mod will give you variations of the items you already have. For example, if you already have a Chair1, you may get Chair2.
All chairs may count as 1 category or maybe there are 3 subtypes of chairs with each subtype having variations.

I reckon there will be some patterns that will only be found through this way. And I think this could include fan made stuff as it wouldn't require being placed on the world.
Even if it's not fan stuff, if devs decide to make a few different recolors of chairs or desks or whatever, they don't have to fiddle with the map: Just add it to the patterns.

"Lorewise", the supercomputer looks at your patterns and tries to create suitable patterns for 3D printing.

This mod will work on the blueprints that you have at least discovered a piece of.
The item is re-selected after each piece (meaning you may research 1 piece from an item, next could be another piece from that item or another item)
Research in this mod will usually take much more time (mostly due to items being much more complex.)
Also, the less parts you have, the more research you need to do.
For example, let's assume you are 1/4 for an item. Let's assume you don't have any incomplete blueprints (so existing pattern mod will only work on this item)
First, SC researches enough for 3 pieces and discovers a piece. 2/4
Then, SC researches enough for 2 pieces and discovers a piece 3/4
Finally, SC researches enough for 1 pieces and discovers the final piece 4/4

This won't be a system where you just wait in front of the computer because
1) You get hungry-thirsty
2) It takes waaay to long and exploring will be faster and more rewarding
This is only for you to just set the computer and get cosmetics or set the computer and at some point, get a piece of an item.

If you find the last piece of an item while research is being done, I'm not sure. Since a lot of time is spent, a reward would be in order, not sure what.

So how will it work behind the scenes?
TLDR: More chips=More research per "tick" (every 5 minutes or so)
More time=Research per "tick" increases
The top cap for research per tick is your base energy.

Details are as follows (with made up numbers)

WARNING: IT'S GONNA GET VERY MATHY AND NERDY, you don't have to read it

Basically I thought of a system like this.
P=Power=Number derived from your current base power level (if the SC wasn't running)
C=Calculating power=A number derived from the number and type of your chips in the SC
Cf=Calculating factor=A number derived from C, possibly exponential
Pf=Power factor=A number derived from P, possibly exponential
A=Acceleration level=A number bound to a series. This is how SC ramps up.

Basically the formula is

I will make up some numbers, not saying these make sense
P=Base power/100

C= calculated as below:
x=small chips count *5+big chips count*10 (so max would be 8*10=80pt)
c increases by 1 every 5 points until 20, then 10 points until 50, then 15 points until 80

So if your base power is 300, P=3 Pf=9
if you have 2 small chips, C=2 Cf=4
let's assume A is bound to fibonacci (1,1,2,3,5,8...)

Research starts
next (every 5 minutes, ramp up)
4*1=4 (total research=8)
4*2=8 (total research=12)
4*3=12 this is bigger than Pf, so the SC can't ramp, so it will go on with the last number
4*2=8 (total research=20)

If you increase yoru base power to 400, Pf will be 3^4=81 then you can keep ramping up
4*21=84 oops! So you are stuck at 52

And the research is a chair, so it's simple and requires like 500 research, so
you need 7 steps to ramp up with a total of 132 research.
So from there you will need 8 more steps to reach 500. That's 14 steps, taking 70 minutes for a chair.


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