Frame Rate: We've Heard it Enough

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The players and the devs both know the framerate is bad. The game engine does not optimize the Xbox one's cores the way the developers desire. Everyone has heard it enough. Posting more and more threads about it isn't going to help anyone. How about we use the Xbox One forum to post bugs and such instead of the same thread over and over? Everyone's aware of the issue. If you feel so strongly, the need to post the topic, again, do it in an existing thread so the rest of us don't have to go through it.

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    So, it's related to the frame rate, but it's an observation on improvement rather than a complaint or anything like that. I've had the xbox glitch twice now where it unloaded all the fish and mineral deposits, and with it came a vast improvement in the frame rate.

    i've not played the PC version so i don't know if it's an option there or not, but maybe the DEV's can put in an option to reduce the fish spawn (not the bigger predators because there's never a lot of those) by 50% or so which i think would improve the frame rate quite a bit. For me, the fish are a wonderful ambient addition to the game, but they are by all means not key to the survival of it. I don't know how much of a load the actual ambient fish are, but i noticed they are tied in with whatever is loading the mineral deposits and the actual fish.

    As far as the fish unloading glitch itself, i have no idea what is causing it. This last time it happened somewhere between a kelp forest (i was farming silver) and the life pod and my base. i suspect it was in the process of getting into my life pod. I don't go in very often and only to either check the radio or get a medkit.
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    This is probably what the devs meant when they said they needed to optimize. Instead of unloading the fish, optimize the fish so that they don't use so much system resources, and you won't get this problem to begin with. So when they optimize, hopefully this will go away.
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    I don't even play Subnautica anymore cause the frame rate is so bad, I simply can't take it. So if the devs want us to continue to help them, they need to fix the frame rate. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I pop on the forums couple times a week to see if they have addressed it.
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  • CAPSHAWCAPSHAW Nevada Join Date: 2016-09-29 Member: 222692Members
    I think the frame rate needs to be fixed, I'm just tired of sorting through the xbox threads for something that doesn't refer to framerate.
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    CAPSHAW wrote: »
    I think the frame rate needs to be fixed, I'm just tired of sorting through the xbox threads for something that doesn't refer to framerate.

    I understand... but the reason there are so many of these threads, is because it's what's trending. Scroll down a bit further in the threads, you might find a thread or two talking about... not much. Frame rate is a problem, for everyone, it makes the game almost unplayable. Hard to discuss anything else about the game when you can barely PLAY the game. Once it gets fixed, we call all talk about our favorite "fishies", pants-crapping encounters, and show off our uber bases.

    So to recap, there are many threads on this because it is a major problem, and everyone wants the chance to express their thoughts/opinions on it (as is their right), just like you. Not trying to silence your disapproval, just hoping to give some perspective. I can't wait until it's fixed! Honestly. Game is one of the best I've played. I want to have faith, but it's tough after being a gamer for 43 years (well, 35 technically). Go Team Subnautica!
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    Framerate issues made me put the game on the virtual shelf for a long time, i know it is in early access but playing the game is most of the time watching framerate going up and down.
    I really love the game and environment setting, i hope to enjoy it someday.
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    If I had a dollar for all the frame rate complaints I found. I would have the money to fix the frame rate issues.
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