Subnautica General Election

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Corresponding to the US election, Subnautica too shall have its own election. Feel free to write in your own candidate and comment who you would choose!
And yes, if you were wondering why there are only two options, it is because I accidentally pressed enter without knowledge that that would directly post the poll.
Paleo/Bio nerd. Big fan of Subnautica, particularly the creature design.

Subnautica General Election 41 votes

Reaper (national violence party)
StetillewhobottFluffersShuryCZ04Leonhardtsabin77hugothesilverdragonSidchickenResolutionBlazedrbrianzkillmeplease911dealwithitdogXanzoken 13 votes
Peeper (National stalker-awareness association)
Darwin-EvolutionEnderguy059TenebrousNovasubnauticambrianAlex93090dargan012HYBRID1313RezcaGoretogJamezorgSkopeNautical_NickBENSKIKisuSamNauticaCaptagearxJugerxSeaBuddyCAPSHAWCalvinTheDiver 28 votes


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