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Good morning, good day, good evening and good night to the people.

My name is Ixian, and I am known as The Singing Skulk. This is a small advertisement for my channel, so heres a little about what you can expect from it.

About this Singing Ixian dude:

I have a more "real life" background in music, where I have found theories of conducting, to be a great help in my efforts to command.

My competitive "career" have had its ups and down, but I have fought at the premier division level, where I can say I was above my head. I simply wasnt experienced enough, it turned out. I did however learn a huge amount of infomation, strategy, logic, and how to use my brain well in NS2 aspects. I learned alot from excellent players like Jackson, Vindaloo, Blind, Zafod, Wob, Anzestral and many others. Although I owe most to Herakles, who I consider a master of NS2, who took me to new hights, forcing me to relearn everything I knew about the game. I enjoyed my competitive time very much so - it was fun taking something as light and trivial as a computer game to new, almost extreeme degrees of seriousness. My high ended with season 5, where I was entered into the Hall Of Fame, for being part of the hard road my team took upon themselves to win the championship.

Instead I pursuing a second title title, the fire and energy I burned with to play in the competitive scene, I have repurposed to streaming and to advise UWE in matters of the design of balance and gameplay. More specificly, my major is commanding, with a side of field play, strategy calling and training. I have an extensive knowledge about NS2, but not really in keeping my points short - I dislike simplification, as it lacks nuance, so I fight it whenever possible.

I have casted almost since i started playing competitive, so I have a quite fair bit of experience in

On my channel you will find:
  • Casts of public casual games
  • Casts of competitive gathers
  • Casts of competitive PCWs (private clan wars)
  • Casts of games in the upcoming ENSL season
  • Postgame Analysis
  • Gameplay
  • Rants about anything even remotely related to the game
  • Other games?

I am still looking to refine my format so any constructive words, which people can spare would be greatly appretiated.

My goal with the channel is the endless pursuit of bettering yourself. Natural selection is a beautiful medium to understand how logic, attention and focus can work for you, and against you. How to understand futility and well spendt energy.

Any requests, wishes, words of advice, anything concerning the channel can and should either be written here or sendt to my e-mail:

Watch the shoutcasts at

I look forward to seeing you.
-Ixian, The Singing Skulk



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