What should be done about the health bar?



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    And then you hear from them:
    "We continue to receive lot of positive feedback to many of the changes we’ve made ...."

    Regular forum posters do not speak for everyone. Usually forums provide a subset of players that is small compared to the overall playerbase, so forum opinions are not universal by any means. Furthermore, assuming the devs and community managers are acting in bad faith is just a terrible idea. It's not impossible, I've seen it before, but here I have yet to see any indication that anyone is less than sincere.

    It is still in no conceivable way "a lot of positive feedback", no matter how you spin it.

    It is just the common argument many devs use to ignore feedback.

    I'll just agree to disagree then. I don't know the ways devs get their feedback, and I've only been truly active with this game for about 1-2 weeks so I don't know how things are. I default to "devs are good" until I see otherwise.

    Now publishers, like Konami, definitely screw games over for stupid reasons.
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    Why not make the health bars rookie only... and give the option of returning players to remove the rookie tag
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    Side note, since it was brought up: we're working on changes to bone shield. :)

    "Bone shield restores 50% less armor and blocks 15% less damage from the front. We achieved this by taking away their milk and not giving them any natural sunlight."
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