PS4 as well?

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I'm assuming that, with the emergence of this new discussion category, Subnautica will definitely be released to XBOX ONE. If this is the case, then I F*CKIN' LOVE YOU, DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!! Seriously, I've been meaning to play the game ever since it came out, but my PC ain't good enough. I was so gutted! However, I do have an XBOX ONE, and when Subnautica finally releases to it, I'll be over the moon! I was so excited ever since I saw this vid:


Now here's a message to PS4 players: you might also be in luck. Watch this vid:

Don't get your hopes up yet, as I do not have any other proof. However, though I personally don't have a PS4, I think this is a great idea. Games have constantly pissed me off by the fact that they are restricted to certain game bases (PC, XBOX, PS, Wii...). When a good game (like GTA, Journey and Rocket League), some players absolutely want to play the game, but can't because they don't have the right material. When a game is released in several big game stations, the problem of having the wrong material suddenly vanishes, and a huge variety of gamers can suddenly play the game of their dreams.


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