[Suggestion] Update forum rules

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Just wanted to say that I strongly suggest updating the "forum rules". It was said many times, such as recently :
IronHorse wrote: »
[...]And to be fair what you did was open a thread to name and shame - against forum rules - [...]

that "name and shame" is against the rules. Why not write it down officially ?

I then spoke of piracy in those forums and got censored. Why not write it down officially ?

In the first case it can be done respectfully (i.e. "I strongly believe Bobette1234567890ABCDEF is a hacker"), which doesn't goes against the "only" rule of the forum "Please behave politely at all times. That means refraining from swearing and disrespectful comments (racist, homophobic, religious, etc.)."

In the second case it was also done respectfully. I believe it should be mentioned that you do not tolerate such topics.

And of course you can keep writing that it is magically in the rules, while it isn't really the case... unless you extend the definition of rules to everything a mod said...

Note that I do not care about something being against the rules or not, I'd simply want transparency regarding those rules.

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