If there was multiplayer how would the lore go down?

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i see people, asking for co-op, the onlt problem is, in the lore... it is assumed you are the only survivor of the ship because your escape pod was the only one that jettisoned, in that instance, the player should either be able to (a) build a robot to allow for another player to control or (b) while inside the the ship trying to repair the nuklear reactor, find an intact stasis pod wich can be picked up and moved or towed back to your base and be placed, then, whenever you want to open up your world so others can play with you, just interface with with the stasis pod and bam! another player can join you(tthey come out of the stasis pod). pretty neat ideas, right? vote em up!


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    I would assume if there was multiplayer/co-op the players would spawn in separate escape pods around the map (or maybe just beside each other). Or both players could start in the same pod made for multiple people.
    I do like the stasis pod idea but I'm sure players want to work together to explore the Aurora for the first time and start the game at the same time.
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    good point I HAVE A STRADEGY my friend goes in the side of the aurora and i go through the front XD maybe because in the escape ood there is two seats
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    Um...there were "two" survivors, and you both must uh "work together".
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    I think that the robot idea would be cool, having a humanoid robot with basically the same needs and uses as a human, but would it need to eat? And what about power for it?
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    Lore for it probably be simple, just more people survived the crash. I mean, it's an entire colony ship. Only one person survived total? Well, why not a handful.
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    Who says that any additional players have to be human?

    If MP/Co-op has to be a 'thing' at all, the only way it would be fun (in my opinion, at least) is to play as a Stalker, Bone Shark, Sand Shark, Warper or Reaper Leviathan that can assist The Survivor by using the unique abilities of their respective species.

    That way, the canon lore of Subnautica remains mercifully intact, MP fans get their fondest desire, lethal weapons abound and all will be right with the world again.
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    I just want to have the Octonauts as player-models.
    We can do it because it's user generated content, but can we do it like you can with Gmod?

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