Horizon Bracket Prizes?

detectordetector Join Date: 2013-09-07 Member: 187984Members
Hey friends! I just realized I never got my horizon bracket prize. I think it may still be in the mail. I may need mine resent. For those not familiar, there was a contest known as the world cup. The losers in the preliminaries were sent to the horizon bracket. The horizon bracket players were promised prizes. My prize hasn't arrived. Just wanted to get some word on when these are being sent out? I sent wasabi a private message. I hate to be pushy but I'm getting impatient. Thank you for the prize NS2.
WasabiOne wrote: »
over 35 posters were shipped last weekend to those people that had sent me their addresses, international included, but might take a little time to get there as they went snail mail. As for horizon bracket winners, those posters will be leaving sometime this week as I thought I was still waiting on address info from those teams, but Zefram helped me out and forwarded that info. Sorry for the delay folks! I just wanted to make one big shipment and was still waiting on a lot of responses.


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