FYI - can't use a Yahoo email for this forum

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Wanted to let the powers that be know that when I signed up for this site a few days ago using a yahoo email, I never got the half dozen confirmation emails I requested. I searched the forum and only found threads with similar problems from a few years ago that ended with "known bug, since fixed" or "just PM this person". Sadly, it seems one can't PM anyone on here until after your email has been confirmed, and I couldn't find any thing like a Contact Us section most sites have, so I had to create this new account using a gmail email. I then instantly got the confirmation email and voila.

Looking forward to using the Subnautica forums :smile:.


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    Hmm, so is blocked? @Comprox, one for the list :D

    Welcome btw @Sojo, btw if you want your nick changed to your original @Tofusojo (first) account you know switch them around so you can keep using this one as you new main with your original nick? Just let me know and we could make a deal. I get paid in cookies :tongue:

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  • SojoSojo Fully active user Florida, USA Join Date: 2015-09-20 Member: 208061Members Posts: 61 Fully active user
    Thanks Kouji-San, but I'm just glad to have a functioning account, you can just delete Tofusojo, if you like.
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