Subnautica NVidia Optimus/IGP on laptop, checklist at start, and low resolution textures

SkizomeuhSkizomeuh France Join Date: 2015-04-29 Member: 203939Members Posts: 29 Advanced user

Looks like Subnautica doesn't accurately detect my graphic card. I'm running the game on a Dell laptop (Core i5, 6Gb RAM, NVidia 750M.Intel IGP). In NVidia control panel I force the game to use the 750M and NOT the Intel IGP, yet, when I start Subnautica, the checklist says I have a good CPU, enough memory, but a graphic card below requirements. Then, Subnautica forces textures to be low res.

I experience this issue for while now, but I think I understand why: it looks like the NVidia Optimus system behaves differently on a laptop than on a desktop computer. While on a desktop, both cards are separated, on a laptop it looks like they're bounded together (maybe physically as it seems impossible to deactivate an IGP on a laptop) : even if it's the NVidia CGU that runs the game, rendering request and rendered frames actually transit through the IGP to reach the screen.

So, even if the NVidia is actually working, Subnautica (may I bet Unity engine?) still thinks there's only an Intel IGP and forces low quality settings.

Is there any way to fix this? To fix the hardware detection? (change settings once ingame through F8 do the trick butthat's not clean...)


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