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It sucks when you buy an Early Access game and then hear nothing from the developer. When's the next update? What's included? What are you working on? At Unknown World we are trying to make sure you can get answers whenever you want.

This guide explains how to get information about what the Subnautica development team is working on right now, how updates are delivered, how often they come, and what's changing in the game from day to day:

Some key links copied here for convenience:

Chat live with the devs
Update Mailing List
Production Trello Board
Checkin and Changes List
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The fastest way to contact me is via @hugh_jeremy on Twitter! Add me on Steam: Strayan. I do not check forum PMs.
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Chat with the UWE team on Twitter | The best way to be notified about Subnautica updates is to sign up to our development newsletters


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