Activating ZoS through Activemark?

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I purchased ZoS way back in the day and played it quite a lot. I played it off and on over the past years but recently have had to reinstall after a hard drive crash. When I go to install the game I get an "Activemark" activation window that tells me I have no internet connection. I did some web searching and tried all the solutions people suggested (clear web cache, reducing IE security settings, disable pop-up blocker, etc) but nothing seems to work. I even kept my activation code from the last time I installed it, but I can't even get to the point to use the code, because Activemark claims I don't have an internet connection. Any help?


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    God, someone help this poor guy in these deserted part of the forums.
    Dont worry mate, if you can still read this, its barely been a month, i found ya, everything will be fine.

    Try contacting @Hugh (I doubt this namedrop will call him, hes a busy man) or anyone else from UWE directly. I think his mail address is Hes usually your first address for help.

    If ya're still out there, mate, we gonna get this fixed.
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