Announcing the Community Development Team - Build 266 and possibly beyond?



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    One example is that because of some changes the grenade launcher broke yesterday. When that happens that means:
    -somebody has to fix it (done)
    -there needs to be a playtest to confirm that the fix indeed worked (not yet done).

    we have 4 playtests a week.

    So while all is "done", we are now in the final phase of playtesting and bugfixing (but its looking very good, not eta on release date though)
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    -And that the new fix hasn't messed up something else completely unrelated

    Essentially, with some variation, the process typically goes:
    • Fixes for issues are implemented by programmers (That you can vote on here!)
    • Playtesters test the fix and either accept it or reject it
    • 2nd attempts are tried for those items that were rejected
    • New issues that arise from the fixes themselves are implemented for testing
    • PTs test the new fixes for original issues as well as fixes for the fixes
    • PTs test thoroughly with bug free build for better part of a week before giving seal of approval.
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