Unity3D Technical Limitations

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Hey all,

I am bringing this up as a point of concern for the Unknown worlds team. I am an artist that uses Unity3D on a regular basis. Keep in mind that I am not in anyway shape or form a Programmer. I am a hobbyist Artist at the moment and I have allot to learn when It comes to art. However I do have strong grasp on various technical things related to unity/3DS Max.

Anyway my post -

I would recommend that the Unknown world development team not use unity3D for the time being. Here is why -

1. 64 Bit Support is unavailable at the moment with unity. Unity3D is 32 Bit only in terms of editor support. I have had unity Crash in very large projects due to this.
2. Double Precision will be a BIG problem with unity3D if you decide to use it.
3. Garbage Collection - There is a big push on the Unity3D Forums for more efficient garbage collection. Link

With that said - Here is a work around or two.

Unity3D -

The Kerbal Space Program Team on the Floating Point / 64 Bit problem and how they solved it.

I really wish the best for the Unknown worlds / Subnautica team.

PS. Will you include mod tools? I am a sucker for these tools. :)


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    I think it's a little late for this... they've already started making the game.

    They've said before that their first priority is the main game, then later the mod tools if they decide it's a worthwhile idea.
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    All your concerns are valid, and we have been experiencing plenty of crashes already. My responses:

    1. We want to make the game runnable on low end machines, so we will not target 64-bit. I've already implemented basic texture streaming to allow for this, although I should make it work in editor as well which should help with the crashes.

    2. I don't think our world will be nearly the scale of KSP. But it will be more dense. If precision does become an issue, we should be able to just "recenter" the world, since you won't be moving around it too quickly (compared to KSP).

    3. GC is not a huge issue as long as you are careful about managing your memory. Yes, it can be a time consuming maintenance task, but unity's profiler is fantastic.

    So far, given how damn flexible unity is, I feel confident that any issues we encounter, we will be able to work around. We have been systematically addressing the largest risks, and so far we have found no show stoppers.

    Anyway, I would love to hear more about people's experiences with unity. So thanks for that KSP video - No matter how much research I do I can't find everything out there! Much appreciated.
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