Prototype lab graphic glitch

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When the prototype lab becomes damaged enough for one of it's display panel to break there is a big black square where there should be some damage effect like smoke, electricity, poping glass, or scrambled screen. This seems to happen with any kind of nvidia card.


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    The black square happens when the game tries to load a shader that was unable to compile correctly.

    This should not be happening. There are three possible reasons you are seeing it now.

    1. The shader code you have installed has been corrupted some how.
    2. The cached shader is some how damaged.
    3. ???

    The first, you will need to remove <install dir>/ns2/shaders then verify your image cache. steam will then give you the right shaders
    The second, you will need to delete your shader cache. this is is %appdata%/Natural Selection 2/cache ( linux ~/.local/Natural Selection 2/cache)

    If neither of those work, It would be awesome to see a log and/or tech support zip. IT would also be a good idea to try it with mods off and see if that fixes it in case the server you were on uses the custom pink hello kitty screens mod for the protolab. Note, I am pretty sure that this mod does not exist much to my wife's general sadness
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    Could you please go to %appdata% natural selection 2 folder, and use the techsupport.exe and get us the zip that comes with? I run an nvidia card and am not currently getting this issue (but i have in the past!) there might be a key in there that unlocks the secret to big black square technology!
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