Xbox or PS4 Controller??



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    but you really need quick reflexes and the keyboard really slows you down.

    What the... People these days. You should never play anything that has a cursor or a crosshair with a controller, just as you should never play driving games or something like Arkham Asylum on a keyboard. That's just... ugh.

    Driving is actually the ONLY type of game where a controller is superior to a keyboard, but a wheel is better than both. Action games like Arkham or what have you are still played perfectly fine on a keyboard and mouse if their controls are properly bound and set up. Really though it's the keyboard that drags down the combo, it simply isn't as well designed as it could be for gaming.

    Sports games and Fighting games I think are also better on a controller.
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    And 2D platformers in general
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    And 2D platformers in general

    Actually 2d platformers are better on a keyboard. Usually it's the mouse that makes the KB/M superior, but in that particular case it's the keys. Both a DPad and analog stick have a minimum travel distance to make a 180 degree direction change, crossing a dead zone. That means there is a minimum time ineterval between a direction change. However, a skilled keyboard user is in the process of actuating the next directional key WHILE he is releasing the previous directional input which means the change in direction can be closer to instantaneous. Of course, it's possible for some 2d platformers to make use of analog input for movement speed, however a majority tend to use the Dpad instead of the analog stick so that's not an actual thing.

    Fighters are another non-mouse case. Of course, the keyboard allows the use of macro keys, though that may or may not be considered cheating. Purpose built fight sticks are preferred anyway.

    I've never actually played sports games, though I have a hard time imagining how a controller would be better for them. It probably isn't.

    I did neglect to mention flight and other vehicle sims other than car driving, which is more or less the same premise where a purpose built input device trumps both keyboard and controller.
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